Examples of Our Work

  • GuardKnox


    Authority building through an Automotive Cybersecurity Blog

    When we started to work with GK they were at seed stage, and our assignment was to help them with authority building.

    Among other activities, we created a professional blog for GuardKnox where we wrote, designed and promoted blog posts on automotive cybersecurity every month.

    This blog grew to become one of the most authoritative sources of information on the topic for industry leaders and influencers who follow it regularly and reference to it.

  • Siemens

    siemens logo

    New website for AM

    Within the great Siemens enterprise, the Additive Manufacturing business unit was emerging with a new business and they wanted to grow aggressively like some of the best startups grow.

    Penguin became their outsourced marketing team. We built a totally new website for them, which stands on its own, but also fits nicely within the corporate brand. We helped them launch their new business generating hyper-growth for the new business while reflecting beautifully on the corporate brand as well.

  • GuardKnox

    guardknox logo

    Interactive Infographic

    With the goal of explaining to the world GuardKnox’s vision related to the future of the automotive cockpit - we created an interactive web page for them.

    The interactive infographic allowed GuardKnox to effectively spread the word and get a lot of people excited over their vision.

    The design helped people to visualize the future cockpit much better than they could by just reading a lot of words about it.

  • Percepto

    Feb 2020 customer logos_percepto

    Case Study with Enel

    Percepto’s autonomous drone solution enables the continuous surveillance and digitization of assets and security at industrial sites around the globe.

    This is all facilitated by a visionary team based in the US, Australia and Israel, focused on pushing the boundaries of industrial automation. We conceptualized and designed a case study to showcase Percepto’s implementation of the world's first autonomous drone system deployed at an energy site.

    Enel is one of Europe’s largest energy forms, and Percepto’s solution assisted in enabling uninterrupted operations of its multi-location facilities.

  • Ceragon

    Feb 2020 customer logos_ceragon

    Product Marketing Video campaign

    Ceragon is the leading wireless backhaul solution specialist in the world, serving wireless service providers, public safety organizations, government agencies and utility companies. 

    Ahead of Q3 in 2019, we developed a new digital marketing strategy that included video content. Within this context, we directed, filmed, edited, produced, and delivered short video clips that are used on Ceragon’s website, paid advertisements, and to promote the various events Ceragon attends around the world.

    These videos are high value assets for Ceragon and are easy for the target audience to consume.

  • Monday.com

    Feb 2020 customer logos_monday

    Salesforce-Hubspot integration

    We assisted the team in building the SF and Hubspot integration, setup Hubspot Marketing and built and implement their scoring rules. 

    We led an advanced scoring workshop culminating in the definition of behavioral and demographic scoring customized to Monday.com’s acquisition funnel.

  • Netapp

    Feb 2020 customer logos_netapp

    Multi-level Asset Management

    Ongoing campaign management, development of the Home Page on the HubSpot CMS.

    Developed 3 CTO calculators for potential customers, customers, and the sales team:
    Azure Calculator

    AWS Calculator 

    Google Cloud Calculator

  • Celeno

    Feb 2020 customer logos_celeno

    New Product Launch Campaign for Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging

    Celeno is an established high-end Wi-Fi chip vendor. Recently they developed an innovative new chip that includes support for Wi-Fi connectivity and in addition, also provides radar capabilities that can be applied to a wide range of use cases. 

    Penguin helped Celeno with introducing this new technology to the market. We helped them name the technology “Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging”, we created articles, graphic design, web pages, and blogs, and we managed the digital marketing around launching their new technology. 

    The result was that within 3-4 months of product launch Celeno gained a long list of vendors who are lined up to cooperate with them and use their new chipset.

  • Cyberproof

    Feb 2020 customer logos_cyberproof

    CP Promo Movie.

    CyberProof is a security services company that intelligently manages an organization’s incident detection and response. 

    Penguin worked with CyberProof to created a promo video. Penguin did it all, from storyboard, scripts, interviews, filming, and editing to produce the final product you see here.

  • Hyla Mobile

    Feb 2020 customer logos_hyla

    Content Strategy
    Social Media

    HYLA Mobile exists to provide industry-leading technology, analytics and logistics solutions to help the mobile ecosystem maximize their sustainability efforts in a manner that builds exceptional value for customers and shareholders, while benefiting the environment.
  • Tala Security

    Tala Logo


    Tala Security is an emerging security company that not only detects but also prevents website attacks. Tala has garnered numerous awards in the past 6 months including 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor, 2020 Tag Cyber Distinguished Vendor, and RSAC Innovation Sandbox Finalist.

    Penguin helped Tala by transforming their plain-text email campaigns to creating highly-visual HTML email campaigns to include in workflows and drive lead generation.

  • Ntiva

    Ntiva logo-02

    New Client Welcome Packet

    Ntiva is a full service Managed IT & Cloud services provider, specializing in IT Services, Cloud Computing, Security Solutions, Business Telephony and Strategic Consulting. 

    Penguin and Ntiva worked together for over 2 years. During this time we did it all (email campaigns, social campaigns, website work, design work ect). This PDF is an example of design work that Ntiva used as a welcome packet for their new clients.