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CyberProof, a UST company, supports enterprises by keeping them safe and secure from cyberattacks as they migrate to cloud-native environments. Using a groundbreaking combination of virtual analysts, expert human analysts, and automations, CyberProof supports, extends, and continually optimizes cybersecurity operations while collaborating with security teams and critical stakeholders in real time.

The Penguin team began working with CyberProof in 2019, and worked on a variety of projects: Persona analysis, Sales funnel mapping, PPC, SEO, Microsoft and SaaS integrations, Video campaigns, Events and webinars, Design of premium assets like datasheets, whitepapers, eBooks — you name it.

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It was during Q3 of 2022 that CyberProof informed us of their rebranding to their parent company’s (UST) brand family. In addition to the work involved with rebranding their entire website and assets, they asked us for a way to creatively promote their partnership while incorporating their new branding and messaging. A branded video announcement was the plan, but when it comes to a video production, the planning stage is the most important, often taking the most time. It was up to Penguin to find a way to accurately depict the new look and feel of CyberProof’s new branding, while remaining consistent with their long-standing followers.



The Penguin team jumped right in and began preparing the plan. Coordinating with internal and external teams, and identifying existing materials, the plan could be set into motion. Breaking the stages into milestones, both teams started on the project’s backbone; developing an in-depth script. Aligned with the new messaging, the copy was prepared and a storyboard created. Once the overall flow was mapped out, it was as easy as pressing ‘Print!’ or in this case, ‘Action!’



Thanks to our talented video production team, the project was seamlessly executed. In just a few short days the entire project came to life and our detailed planning process paid off. The video was 90% final on the first draft — that’s record fast. With a few rounds of minor tweaking, the final product was completed. Once done, CyberProof had a hi-res professional company video to announce their partnership to the world.

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