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Celeno was selling their premium Wi-Fi chipsets pretty well via traditional marketing channels. But events and press releases targeting a niche audience of broadband Wi-Fi providers is limited. They needed to expand their reach big time and maximize their value as they aimed for an M&A opportunity. 

When Celeno came to Penguin, they had a new product to help them stand out in an increasingly competitive industry. They also had a limited digital presence to promote their invention which was so new and unique, nobody knew about it. Celeno did not even know what to call it. 

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With their new and unknown product alongside their existing Wi-Fi chipsets, a limited digital presence and increasing competition, Celeno needed to reach a much larger audience to improve their chance for an M&A deal. They also wanted to maximize their company’s valuation.



Penguin quickly built the foundations for their digital marketing efforts starting with their website and filling it with a steady stream of highly relevant content for their niche audience. Finding appropriate writers was no simple task. It took ingenuity to uncover a pair of writers on different continents capable of creating on-point and sophisticated blogs. We promoted this content with organic and paid social media.

For their new product, radar over Wi-Fi signals, we conducted market research to develop the most impactful category name: Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging. Then we created the positioning and marketing strategy, establishing a new category in which Celeno was the first to enter. We built their story and created demand by educating the world about the possible use cases with Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging.

Next was the ABM strategy. We identified top executives and senior hardware architects inside potential M&A partners and established the goal of generating a buzz within the companies. We promoted Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging to inspire interest in Celeno and branded them as innovators. We kept Celeno continually in front of the target audience with paid media, organic social, retargeting ads and emails—all while making optimal use of the marketing budget.



The digital activities created a buzz for Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging as well as for Celeno. Within one year, Celeno became a well-known and respected name in the targeted companies. Their valuation rose and one of the companies, the giant, Renesas, initiated an M&A deal that was very successful according to Celeno’s owners.

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