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GuardKnox did not always specialize in automotive electrical/electronic (E/E) products. They were founded as an automotive cybersecurity company. In 2020, the company pivoted to automotive next-gen (E/E) products.

Penguin worked as an extension of the GuardKnox marketing team throughout this strategic pivot, consulting on strategy, updating brand messaging and design as well as executing marketing campaigns with a focus on ABM to raise a new round of funding.



Website Traffic



Social Interactions


Brand awareness increased


Website ranked top 5 for all target keywords


New leads almost doubled


In January 2020, GuardKnox hosted an extremely successful suite at CES, but they quickly needed to focus on digital-only channels like the rest of the world because of COVID restrictions. Travel was no longer a viable ingredient of the GuardKnox marketing strategy.

2020 was a crucial year for GuardKnox to establish itself as a valuable E/E products provider and secure an additional round of funding.



There were clear business goals in place and specific target companies for opportunities. We mapped all the business initiatives together with their sales and business development leaders around the world.

For each opportunity, we identified the top business goal and GuardKnox’s key unique selling point (USP). We followed this by mapping the target personas and tailoring messaging for specific audience segments and building complete funnels from awareness through lead generation and nurturing them until deal close.

Over the course of the year, we redid the website’s design and messaging as well as generated new highly-technical, content on a regular basis with a focus on our target companies and specific keyword strategy.



Brand awareness grew with increases in web traffic of 30% and blog traffic of 20%. Session length increased together with pages per session while social followers and interactions grew by over 25%.

New leads almost doubled. We exceeded our target account lead generation goals with hundreds of new leads tracked in HubSpot’s target account feature including the key contacts for the main business goals.

Our site ranked in the top 5 for all target keywords as well as owning the snippet and first position on a competitive E/E Architecture term.

After 12 months, we exceeded all our goals, generating deals with Top 10 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as well as greatly exceeding the investor valuation targets.

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