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Meet our Management team

Perry Nalevka


Our Fearless Leader

  • Started his career as a programmer.
  • Traveled 29,650 KM in a single week.
  • Loves to camp, hike and go to the beach (sometimes all at the same time).
  • Part of the team that brought baseball to Israel.


Chief Technical Officer and Head of RevOps

The Fixer

  • Once skydived and bungee jumped within one afternoon in New Zealand.
  • Can drink my own body weight in coffee.

Shoham Eckhaus

chief strategist and CMO

The Growth Hacker

  • Strategist, Marketer, Product Manager and Analyst.
  • Believes in the potential of all people to be kind.
  • Starts each morning with Yoga and a big smile :-)

Miha Iluz

Chief Solutions Architect

The Wizard

  • Started coding at age 8
  • Was the neighborhood kid that fixed everyone's computer issues back in the 80'
  • Tallest penguin in the waddle

Helen Nolan

Chief HR Officer

Character Scanner

  • Loves Scandi Noir.
  • Lives to Eat! Proud owner of over 500 cookery books.
  • Marathon and Insanity participant! Got the T-shirts!

Dudi Berger

Chief Financial Officer

Efficiency Ninja

  • Loves to Mountain Bike
  • Doing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine
  • Committed vegan