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  • Group 419
    Pardot to HubSpot migration

    Learn more here
  • Group 432
    Sales & Marketing Playbook

    A document detailing the complete logic behind customer acquisition from top to bottom.

  • Group 446
    Hubspot and Salesforce Integration

    • Design entire funnel
    • Mapping of lead, contact, opportunity and account fields
    • Create new fields in SF based on HubSpot analytical data
    • Define syncing rules: When to create a new lead in SF, When to create a new contact in HubSpot
    • How to enable SF assignment rules, based on country or region, or state
    • Setup and connect HubSpot and SF connector
    • Setup the process to sync campaign members to SF
    • Test the different scenarios in SF Sandbox before going live
  • Group 447
    Nurturing plan

    Prepare a detailed plan on how contacts will be nurtured and pushed down the funnel based on interactions with content. Choosing the various assets the will be used in the nurturing logic by identifying them from existing assets or planning for future creation.

  • Group 450
    Data Cleanup

    Once marketing automation is properly implemented, it is important to review and update the existing database. If you’d like our help with it, we’ve got tons of experience in data clean up!


We have been working closely with Penguin Strategies for many years now. On top of their professionalism and expertise to ensure our marketing implementation efforts in HubSpot, Penguin’s team is always available to answer our requests and they are very reactive and flexible. It is a real pleasure to work with a team who is dedicated to our success.
Atika Boulgaz, Director of Global Communications, Viaccess-Orca.
Following earlier successes with Penguin Strategies at a previous company, It has been such a pleasure working with them again at Altair. Penguin is not just an agency, but an extension of our marketing team excelling in both digital marketing execution and strategic consultation.
Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram, Director of Marketing , Altair Semiconductor (A Sony Group Company)



Set up your HubSpot marketing integration and launch and do it right from the start
Starts at $6,400
  • Scoping
  • Build out lists & workflows
  • Connect and setup blog
  • Build and connect landing page templates
  • Update web forms for each stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Workflow template for lead nurturing
  • Social media accounts connection
  • Lead scoring
Set up your HubSpot marketing and integrate it seamlessly to your sales CRM
Starts at $8,500
  • Scoping
  • Build out lists & workflows
  • Connect and setup blog
  • Build and connect landing page templates
  • Update web forms for each stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Workflow template for lead nurturing
  • Social media accounts connection
  • Lead scoring
  • Design entire marketing to sales funnel
  • Mapping of lead, contact, opportunity and account fields and integration
  • Create new fields in Sales CRM based on HubSpot analytical data
  • HubSpot/Sales CRM syncing
  • Testing
Redesign your HubSpot marketing integration and realign your sales and marketing teams
Custom Pricing
  • Scoping
  • Build out lists & workflows
  • Connect and setup blog
  • Build and connect landing page templates
  • Update web forms for each stage in the buyer’s journey
  • Workflow template for lead nurturing
  • Social media accounts connection
  • Data cleanup
  • Sales & marketing alignment workshop
  • Sales & marketing playbook


Seriously over certified and we’re only getting started



  • Our website is hosted on Wordpress, but we are considering moving our landing pages and blog to HubSpot. What are the benefits of hosting these pages on HubSpot?

    The major benefit of hosting your landing pages and blog on HubSpot is the ease of creating your content, tracking it, connecting it and analyzing is. Not to mention the convenience of being able to create, track and analyze all of your content in one place, including your WordPress hosted pages. Additionally, the database provides the ability to use smart content and personalization on forms, emails and landing pages.
  • What is included in a HubSpot Implementation?

    Every implementation project is a little but different and therefore needs some customization. The general guidelines we follow when implementing the HubSpot CRM or integrating with another CRM include:
    • Sales and Marketing alignment workshop
    • Mapping out the Objects and Properties
    • Visualizing the Marketing and Sales flow for both Online and Offline sources
    • Mapping out and Setting up the automation and assignment Rules
    • Simple Data Migration (not cleanup)
  • How long will a HubSpot Marketing or CRM Implementation take?

    For a full HubSpot Integration (including marketing and CRM) we have developed a 4-6 week plan beginning with the initial kick-off meeting leading all the way to testing. With active communication and productive feedback we can successfully meet these deadlines.

    This time frame is based on a typical framework and subject to change from case to case.

  • What do we need to prepare for the first onboarding meeting?

    We like to set up a Pre-kick off meeting so that we can be as productive as possible in the actual Kick-off. Those items include; a document of your current sales flow or someone who is able to explain it, business objects, excel of your current CRM (including the properties), and the end vision and what you want to achieve from this implementation.  

  • We want to migrate our CRM to HubSpot. Is it possible to migrate existing deals?

    Yes, it is possible to migrate your existing deal data from excels or an existing CRM to HubSpot. HubSpot has 3 standard Objects; Contacts, Companies and Deals and as long as we have this data cleaned up and have signed off on property mapping, we will be able to migrate the data and associate them. 

    *A Migration project must include a HubSpot CRM Implementation Project in order to plan and execute correctly.

  • What are the common red flags and data loss pitfalls in Implementation and Migration?

    Understanding your goals, expectations, and concerns up front helps us to prevent any misconceptions along the way. We provide, and update daily, a Project Management Document and an Operational Playbook to keep full transparency of our progress and the process that will be implemented in HubSpot.We take preventative measures regarding data loss in a data migration project, including guiding you to export a copy of existing data from your CRM incase of a need to revert back. We migrate all data provided to us into HubSpot, including data that can be considered Historical Data. 

  • Why should I bring in an agency for a HubSpot Implementation, Integration, or Migration?

    Since, it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to solve something half way through, bringing in an agency on these complex projects takes the burden off of your team, giving them more time to focus on the Marketing initiatives. Our team executes these projects on a daily basis in a systematic way that ensures transparency and clear process of each step, and are prepared for challenges that may arise. We are also supported by additional teams of Strategists, designers and developers, giving our clients access to additional resources as they need, who already are familiar with the clients and processes.

  • We want our sales team to understand HubSpot and work with it. Is training included in the package?

    In every Implementation Project training is included and negotiated before the initial Contract is signed. Additional hours can be set up at an hourly rate if requested.


One of the first steps to properly implementing your marketing automation software, is putting together an SMarketing Playbook

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