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Generating more QUALIFIED leads for technology companies

B2B Marketing for Tech Companies

From website design and execution to the creation and distribution of high quality content, we deliver marketing solutions purpose built to drive leads and strengthen brand equity.


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Marketing & Sales Strategy

Effective sales & marketing efforts, of course, need to start with a good plan. We will put together a strategy to guide every aspect of the sales & marketing execution work. The strategy typically includes:

  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Buyer’s journey discovery
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Go-to-market Plan
  • Channels & Partners strategy

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Digital Tactics for Growth

Once a marketing strategy is in place the next thing to do is to start implementing it, testing it and measuring its results. Most marketing strategies will require applying a combination of tactics. The most common tactics that we implement for our clients are: 

  • Inbound Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Event Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Authority Building

Outsourced Digital Marketing Agency

For CMOs lacking a full in-house marketing team, we fill in the gaps and more. You get a room full of specialists at each touchpoint of the funnel – and clients pay for their skills as needed. No salary or benefits to consider, although clients often send gifts as thanks for our work. 
The unsung bonus of outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency is the powerful collaboration that happens within the agency’s walls—brainstorming partners, multiple perspectives and challenges to each other’s ideas among the team, elevating output at every level. 

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Branding and Creative Services


We do branding for brand new companies or business units, and we do re-branding for established brands. In both cases the process starts with discovery of your brand strategy and results in a set of deliverables that include naming, messaging, visual language and a "tone of voice".

Website Design

We design beautiful websites that "do the job"! We can design it from scratch OR work on your existing website to improve it day by day. We believe that website design is an ongoing process that requires dedicated, continuous improvement, and we also understand that you want to start with something good on "day 1" - so we do both.

Creatives for all Marketing Assets

Our design team will produce all types of graphic assets that a marketing activity might need. That includes web, print, advertisement, presentations, video and animations.

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B2B SEO Agency

Whether you’re a startup or scaling up, website traffic will fuel your growth. The secret sauce to increasing traffic and generating leads on your website is to give visitors a great experience with content that answers their needs.

Backlinks, pillar pages, content links, and site hierarchy are all important ingredients of a B2B SEO strategy, but they’re deficient without high-quality content. Whatever new algorithm Google might roll out, fresh content that enlightens and delights your users will always remain vital to SEO. Our formula blends content designed to be consumed within a technical SEO foundation.

That said, we’re damn good on the technical side of SEO too, Look what one client said

"HUGE thanks to the Penguin team for..., developing solutions and optimizing Cloud Central to where it is today. Speaking with others in the industry, we might be one of the first to ‘crack’ the core web vitals and Google Lighthouse optimization issues everyone else is trying to solve these days". - Eilav, NetApp

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Implementation and Integration

Penguin specializes in implementing your whole 'Marketing Stack'. That includes all the parts of the technology that you would need in order to have an optimized customer acquisition machine. That typically includes building and maintaining some or all of the following elements:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Website Development
  • CRM Setup & Integration
  • Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Sales Enablement

Our RevOps Services

Marketing Analytics & Dashboards

Dashboards & Data visualization

The Penguin team is almost obsessive about measuring the effectiveness of everything we do. In fact, if you will ask us to do something which can't be measured in terms of results, we're likely to convince you not to do it! We will produce for you a dashboard that collects the most important KPIs that reflect the progress on your most important goals. This dashboard will be updated in realtime and accessible to you at any moment.

Conversion optimization

We will be working day by day on optimizing every step of your customer acquisition machine ("funnel"). We will present to you our insights and growth hacking ideas on a weekly and monthly basis, and we will continuously run experiments to validate the effectiveness of every marketing tactic that we implement. The result you should expect is continuous growth and improvement in every aspect that we target together.

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