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Cloud Storage


NetApp, founded in 1992, is an American hybrid cloud data services and data management company offering cloud data services for management of applications and data both online and physically.

We worked with NetApp to design and develop a new demand generation user experience to enable their prospects and customers to learn about and engage with one of their core products through a Master Class webinar series. The campaign followed a nautical theme to highlight their Kubernetes enterprise storage solution.

NetApp Feature (1)


The Master Class contained a wealth of information. It quickly became clear that the main challenge would be to retain user interest and engagement for the duration of the series. NetApp established an ambitious goal of getting users to watch at least 25% of each video.



Collaboration between our marketers and graphic designers ensured a data-driven approach, using bite-sized elements to avoid information overload and to facilitate completion of the series. After creating several iterations of the landing page, we ultimately settled on revamping the static landing page to a single interactive landing page containing clear navigation to and between different classes in the series.



After going live with the interactive landing page, each video received over 7K views over a two-month period. The established goal was exceeded - with viewing duration averaging 30-40% per clip.

NetApp 1 NetApp 2-2 NetApp 3-2 NetApp 4-2 NetApp 5-2 NetApp 6-2


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