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Current, an EV Charging Platform company, developing a software platform for enterprise customers to manage, build and scale charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Their cloud-based platform provides the most reliable, scalable, and seamless management system for destination, home, and workplace charging.




After creating a robust bank of content, toward the end of Q4 Current approached us to build designated pages within their site for users to easily view their premium content. The goal was to feature Current’s blogs and case studies clearly on their site, utilizing optimal UX principles and best SEO practices, and to promote these assets on their social media channels to generate organic traffic from those actively searching for hot topics in the EV industry.



The Penguin team got to work, collaborating with Current’s content team to collect all existing assets. While the content was being collected, the design and dev team worked together to create a design that addressed Current’s needs, while remaining optimal UX and UI.



As a result, the Penguin team designed and developed a unique website page to host their case studies with a robust amount of customized page modules to easily ‘drag and drop’ for ease and convenience. In addition, the team created branded social media designs to promote both the case studies and blogs.

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