Twitter: 3 Tools & Tips To Manage & Grow Your Followers

Twitter: 3 Tools & Tips To Manage & Grow Your Followers
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For all marketers and people trying to snag their next sale, Twitter should be high up on your radar. It’s a powerful network that could be used for more than fun  and can take your business to the next level. Think it’s nonsense? Keep reading.

Think about how every single follower can benefit your business. Even if it doesn’t seem like each follower provides a substantial amount of benefit, multiply that benefit by your total number of followers. Now consider that Twitter has over 305 million active monthly users, and all of the followers you can attract in the future. Now, does it seem like there’s a real opportunity for your business on Twitter?

Before you can rule the Twitter world, you need to understand how to properly manage and grow Twitter followers quickly and efficiently. Here are 3 tools and 3 tips to help you get started: 


In order to become a Twitter influencer, the number of active followers you have matters! You need to invest time in growing your Twitter followers and based on personal experience, Crowdfire helps you do exactly that.

Crowdfire is an online marketing tool that gives Twitter users a new way of managing their accounts. It was created with the purpose of answering the question: “Who unfollowed me on Twitter?”, and gives you the tools to proceed. 


It helps you manage your Twitter accounts by finding inactive users and your unfollowers. It’s important to unfollow anyone who isn’t providing you with some sort of value. Although numbers matter, it doesn’t do any good to have 30,000 robots following you.

Crowdfire also has a “copy followers” feature that helps you find users that are relevant to your industry. This is another way to eliminate inactive, unnecessary followers. Also, it tells you who your “fans” are (people who follow me, but I don’t want to follow back). This is a really good way to see who’s interested in your brand, which can help you create content that converts.

Just in case you’re interested, there’s a free “limited” version, along with many paid packages.


Tweepi is another great tool used to manage and grow Twitter accounts. It helps you find users, interact and get noticed.

Tweepi’s “Flush” option allows you to see the users that you’re following who aren’t returning the favor. However, its “Reciprocate” option gives you the opportunity to see the users who are following you, and you’re not following back. Only follow these people back if you truly believe there’s added value. Lastly, their “Cleanup” feature allows you to see the information of everyone you’re following, so you can make an educated decision who to unfollow.

Tweepi also has a tool for managing your Twitter followers and lists, by analyzing the statistics about the activity of your followers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free version, but they have packages from $6.17 a month and up.


Screen_Shot_2016-03-02_at_6.01.07_PMManageFlitter is another valuable tool to help you work faster and grow Twitter followers. 

ManageFlitter has the popular features of following, unfollowing, managing multiple accounts, and searching for relevant accounts and tweets.

What’s unique about this tool is the “PowerPost” function which helps you find out when most of your followers are online, giving you the opportunity to schedule tweets accordingly. This function helps you improve your posts’ effectiveness by publishing them at the best time to be seen and replied to. If you’re a fan of content publishing, this feature is a huge bonus.

Lastly, their analytics tool allows you to track what you’re doing, and get analytics about specific words, hashtags, usernames, websites, etc.

If you want to explore, there’s a free basic account, and additional plans start at $12/month.


3 Tips To Increase Engagement Among Your Followers: 


Comment on relevant tweets

Make sure to comment on relevant and trending tweets to inject your voice into an ongoing conversation. Pick a few twitter handles you want to interact with and start conversations that your Twitter followers and your brand would care about.

Try using Tweetdeck, an easy tool that creates a management dashboard to monitor your own Twitter account and specific users you have your eye on. This tools eliminates any guess work, and gives you all the details you need to know about your own account, and targeted users. This way, you can comment on industry related tweets without any hesitation.

Whatever your focus, joining a Twitter conversation or hashtagged event is a great way to meet your ideal followers.

Retweet relevant content

Another way to differentiate yourself from other users and engage in conversation, is retweeting relevant content. Again, Tweetdeck helps you identify thought-leaders in your industry, and retweet meaningful content they’re sharing.

Retweeting amplifies their voice, and legitimizes yours. Your brand actually will benefit from associating yourself with reputable users, and you’re paving the way for others to reciprocate the engagement.


Share other people’s content

One of the best ways to create strong relationships on Twitter, is to share other people’s content. Try curating content that pertains to your industry by gathering blogs or news articles that involves your niche.

When doing this, remember to tag the author and company’s Twitter handle. This creates an opportunity for the author to notice your tweet, and possibly reply, retweet, and maybe even follow you.

You can find relevant content by simply searching in Google recent news articles, or use Buzzsumo or Feedly.

With these useful tools and tips, you’re one step closer to reaching a greater audience and grow your Twitter followers.


The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on March 03, 2016

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