5 Tips for Curating Content the Right Way

5 Tips for Curating Content the Right Way
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As a B2B marketer how are you supposed to find time to create high quality content? Most content takes hours of research and writing on top of all the other tasks that you’re bogged down with. Although creating high quality content can take hours to create, marketers still have no problem spending their precious time on it. 70% of B2B marketers reported that they are creating even more content this year then last year.


Why is that, you may ask? Because still, it yields amazing results.

So, how are marketers creating so much more content with so little time? Simple, through curated content.


curating_contentCurating content is basically using content that was created by someone else and feature it with other industry related content (and of course giving them credit for their work).

By simply finding content that you think your followers will find interesting and sharing it with them, you will automatically become an industry expert in their eyes.

One of the best ways to use curated content is for social media marketing. To be successful on social media you need to share content other than your own, therefore, discovering the best content for your followers is a key ingredient in social media marketing.


What’s so great about curated content is that it can be used in almost any niche, which is why it is such a powerful tactic used by nearly all content marketers. Curated content has become so successful for marketers on social media that it represents nearly 47% of all clicks.


So as you can see, curating content can help you save time and create richer content for your readers. So without further ado, here are 5 tips for curating content.


1. Content Roundups

A fast and easy way to create quality content is by simply rounding up a number of great blog posts from your industry and writing a little snippet about them and sending it out to your followers as a top 10 list.


For example, if you are writing a blog post about tips for curating content then you will go out and search for 10 great blog posts about tips for curating content, put them in a top 10 list, add the links to the titles of each post, write a little piece about them and then send that super useful information out to all your followers.   


2. Expert Roundups

In an expert roundup you will begin by reaching out to industry influencers and ask them one or two industry specific questions. Once enough influencers have answered your questions, collect their original answers and create an awesome blog post with their answers. Before starting your expert roundup, make sure to have a look at this great example by Social Media Examiner.


3. The Best Webinars

One content curation tactic that’s not used often enough is creating a list of the best webinars and or YouTube tutorials in your niche. Simply creating a list of the best webinars/video tutorials in your industry that are available for replay and sending them out to your subscribers will garner lots of attention for your company and your blog.


4. Try These Tools for Curating Content

  •  Feedly: Feedly is the leading RSS leader. It allows you to add feeds from the top sites in your specific niche and will then show you the most recent articles that were published. This way you will be able to quickly see what interests you.
  • Reddit: Reddit is one of the largest community/forum websites out there. Reddit is broken down into “subreddits” which are different sub categories. On Reddit you can find any category for literally any random niche. Once you find a relevant subreddit, you can visit it whenever you please to see current trending posts for your niche/industry.
  • Evernote: Evernote is pretty much your own personal notebook that can sync across all your devices. When you are searching for content and come across an article that you think is great for curation, you simply add it your personal Evernote notebook and add tags and comments. When the time comes for creating content all you have to do is search for the right phrases and the past content you have saved will appear and you can begin creating your next awesome post.

5. Customer Stories

If you think industry influencers are the only ones that can create great content, then you are missing out on a very simple way to find great and honest content. What I highly recommend doing is curating the best customer reviews. If you monitor company hashtags you will be able to find the best customer reviews and save them for your next piece of content.


Of course you can only do this for a company or brand that has a large amount of followers, but it is extremely effective and easy to do. 


So there you you have it; the 5 best tips for curating content. Following these tips will make life easier for your content marketing purposes and will save you loads of time the next time you are trying to come up with awesome content.

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The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on November 30, 2015

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