Inbound Marketing: Keep It Simple Stupid

Inbound Marketing: Keep It Simple Stupid

Posted by The Penguin Team on Oct 28, 2014


Does this monstrosity look a little bit like hell on earth? Imagine trying to get somewhere with 2 screaming kids in the back of the car, and then you’ll understand what I mean. What you see here is Magic Roundabout in Swindon, Britain. Urban legend has it that the Hexi-nightmare was built to confuse Irish Operatives from trying to reach nearby R.A.F (Royal Air Force) base Lyneham during the “troubles”. This traffic circle is a brilliant example of…wait for it… what you DON’T want your inbound marketing to do!

Let’s imagine that a lead comes into your sales funnel (represented here by the Magic Roundabout) and is at the first stage of their buyer journey. In other words, he’s interested in understanding your product and is doing research to understand which product will best suit his purposes. Even with accurate signage, the Magic Circle is still too complex to assume a newcomer will manage to exit at the right time. If you’re inbound marketing strategy looks anything like this then I’d say it’s fair to assume you’re not getting as many MQLs and SQLs as you could. On that note, we’ve got some pretty specific advice for what not to do.

How Not to Confuse Leads - 5 tips on how not to lose leads on their buyer journey

  • Don’t have more than one CTA. The more options you give a potential lead, the more likely you are to lose them altogether.
  • Before you write any piece of content – explain the concept out loud to yourself in one or two sentences ONLY. If you can do that then you will be able to produce coherent enough piece to explain your concept/product.
  • Your content strategy has to progress or your lead will get stuck at the first mini roundabout and ultimately bail either for lack of interest or patience.
  • If you use technical terms either explain them in your piece, or hyperlink to a concise explanation.
  • Don’t give leads too many choices and K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t over complicate your content or your website structure with too many options.

In this extended traffic and road layout metaphor, you want your marketing plan to be a German Autobahn, not a dodgy British scheme to try to protect military assets.

Marketing Automation can help you lay out straight roads in your inbound marketing strategy. Are you ready for MA?

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