How and When to Get your B2B Inbound Marketing Writing Flowing

How and When to Get your B2B Inbound Marketing Writing Flowing
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I recently told my husband that I need to get a waterproof notepad because this B2B inbound marketing writer tends to get her very best ideas in the shower.

Whether it’s in the morning or the evening, whenever I take a shower, I always have my best ideas or find a solution to a problem that’s been bothering me for weeks.

While I’m not planning on solving world peace in the shower (well, not today), I’ve found that once I’m out of the shower, especially in the morning, I’m ready to take on the world. Ok, well maybe not the whole world, but maybe the blog post or social campaign that was due yesterday. 

When and Why to Pour Your Heart and Soul into Your B2B Inbound Marketing Writing

With the exception of my teenage years, when I had what seemed to be an endless fountain of energy, I’ve always been a “morning person” and tend to be most attentive at that time.

Yet, I’ve found that as my day progresses and I get more distracted, my writing becomes more colorful and creative even if I’m not completely “with the program”.

I tend to write more from my heart than from my intellect at that time. While this sounds like a dangerous proposition for those of us who do B2B inbound marketing which frequently is more “technical” in nature, it’s been shown that blog posts that tell a story tend to actually do better overall than just technical posts. 

Morning or Evening: When Do Your Creative Juices Flow?

So as I come up with my best ideas in the shower and I’m a morning person, that pretty much sums up when I do my best work in terms of consistent concentration.

While I have one friend who is a small business owner who insists on getting up between 4-5AM to start her day, most of my B2B inbound marketing colleagues would say that they don’t “do” mornings and schedule their focused work time in the evenings.

Is there one time of day that’s better than another for writing and creative activities? Is there is there a scientifically proven time that allows us to think, write, or just be more creative in general? 

The “A-ha” Moment: When B2B Inbound Marketers Should Do their Writing

Based on a recently study by Mareike Wieth and Rose Zacks, Internet marketing expert and serial entrepreneur Neil Patel recently published an infographic that shows that people are more creative when they least expect it, meaning when they’re groggy, tired and unfocused.

Before I say more, here’s that infographic: 

B2B Inbound Marketing Writing

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The infographic focuses on the best times to write, but it also focuses on when we get our best ideas or come up with the best solutions to perceived problems.

Writing is a controlled process and usually has a prescribed outcome (meaning we have to draft that proposal; we’re not just writing “for fun”).

Yet, writing requires creative energy so that we put our best ideas and our best foot forward with our words. We’ve all read informative but boring blog posts. Not so fun, right?

So the answer to the question about when you should do your marketing writing is not just morning or evening, it’s both. Depending on when you have the most focus and when you are the most creative will determine when you’re more likely to write better.

Like Neil, I tend to do the majority of my writing in the morning. According to the infographic, the potential for creativity is highest during and just after sleep so people tend to be more imaginative in the morning. He also says that people are, for the most part, in a better mood in the mornings. Neil Patel has apparently not worked with teenagers recently. 

On the other hand, for those who like to work late into the night, there’s something to be said for the quiet and lack of distractions experienced at that time. Even those of us who are “morning people” will admit to this. It’s a bit of relief to be able to work without other commitments hanging over your head whether they be personal or work-related.

Now you have the full story of when you should be doing your writing? What camp do you belong to- night or day? When do you have your “a-ha” moments?

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