Why the Latest LinkedIn Update Matters to Your B2B Business

Why the Latest LinkedIn Update Matters to Your B2B Business

LinkedIn has released a new update granting companies access and visibility to their LinkedIn followers.

This  changes how companies can utilize the (professional) social network in a major way.

Companies can now have a much deeper understanding of who their LinkedIn followers are and the potential customers who are interested in their product, brand, or services. This is particularly important for B2B companies who use the platform for creating opportunities, nurturing relationships, and closing deals. 

Why Should I Care?

Now, just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn can provide insightful analytics into a company page’s audience. The company can now see who is following their page, and who might soon become a first-time customer.

The new analytics and insights upgrade allows company pages to view each individual follower, creating a wealth of opportunities for B2B companies to gain information about their audience and the impact of their marketing efforts to understand their specific B2B market in a new light. Once you gain access to your LinkedIn followers, you can assess who is - and who isn’t - a part of your target audience. If there are outliers, it will be important to consider their reason for visiting your page, and what potential opportunities or changes this will create for your marketing efforts. With access to this information, you can now track who is showing interest in your company and help them along their buyer’s journey to becoming your next customer.

What Should I Do?

With access to individual LinkedIn followers and visitors, you can analyze how your buyer personas are changing and growing, as your brand does the same. As your audience grows and matures, it is important to adjust your content accordingly, keeping it relevant to important segments of your audience.

When you are able to identify your true leads you will be able to not only deliver content that is specific to their goals and interests but engage with them individually to help them through the funnel as their needs grow.

Your particular target audience is extremely unique to your company, which is why this distinct data is so valuable to your marketing strategy. Whether you send them a message, analyze the content they share, or send an invitation to connect with your CEO, you have the ability to initiate the next step in the buyer’s journey. This becomes an invaluable tool for B2B companies to accurately and efficiently identify their interested audience and nurture them accordingly.  

What happens next?

In short, the ability to see your LinkedIn followers is more critical to your success than meets the eye. There are various methods and tactics to leverage this new feature to improve your B2B company’s marketing techniques and upgrade your strategy to meet your target audience’s expectations. Once you analyze your data and insights, you will be able to define a clear-cut goal that will help you engage with hot leads. 

Think about these 3 practical actions you can now take with this new information:

  1. Study your new followers to understand who your latest posts are really engaging 
  2. Track new followers from targeted companies and build on that latest engagement while you are still top of mind
  3. Enhance your understanding of your buyer personas and improve your online targeting with realtime information about your latest fans

Kellyn Lee

by Kellyn Lee on December 29, 2020

Kellyn works closely with B2B technology companies to develop compelling pieces of marketing content that drive target audiences to become loyal consumers.