Website Redesign: Boost Engagement, Get Personal

Website Redesign: Boost Engagement, Get Personal

Boost Engagement, Get Personal

Personalized marketing isn’t anything new. Businesses, both B2B and B2C have been personalizing products and marketing materials for decades. You probably remember “personalized” pencil cases and backpacks from when you were in primary school.


Coca Cola has recently employed a similar tactic to get people to buy more Coke by printing people’s names on their bottles. It’s a very simple premise that makes the marketing more personal. Coke saw a 7% rise in sales in Australia and a 2.5% increase in sales over all throughout the entirety of their campaign. For those of us in the B2B world that don’t have Coke’s brand to work with, personalization can be used for something as simple as a call to action. Marketing Automation Provider Hubspot says that 42% of personalized CTAs perform better than a generic version. By providing personalized content you boost engagement.


Personalized Email Marketing – The First Line of Defense

Leads need different levels of information at different stages of your sales process, this goes without saying, but what does it ultimately mean? Well the first line of targeting would be different e-mail content and campaigns you use to communicate with potential customers. By providing different information and courting the developing interests of leads as they move down the sales funnel, you boost reengagement and promote the likelihood of reaching the decision stage. This is a type of “personalization” because you are catering to the leads personal needs. Of course understanding what your leads interests and needs are is dependent on understanding what your ideal persona is.


Now It’s Time to Personalize Your Website

The next step in personalization is to personalize your website, which is a little bit trickier but an altogether worthwhile step to take. By using progressive profiling and marketing automation tool such as Hubspot or Marketo, it’s possible to track your leads activity on your website and therefore understand what they look at, how often they come back as well as demographic information like name and job/position within a company. So instead of a generic CTA you can write a targeted CTA offering content appropriate for your lead.

Neil Patel does this very well as the image of his website landing page shows. He can tell from my IP that I’m sitting in Israel, close to Tel Aviv, and therefore targets his messaging to me, personally. If you don't have the tools to set up personalization we recommend using BrightInfo.


Neil Patel - Website personalisation


Even if you don’t use some form of marketing automation (we highly recommend that you do), you can still offer a persona targeted experience on your website by simply offering different entry portals. Treat your home page as if it’s a landing page and offer links to different pages targeted at different job roles for example, (Sales Benchmark Index does this very well!) or however you have defined your persona.


benchmark index image


By transitioning with your lead from stranger to customer you keep them engaged and interested. Don’t confine persona and funnel stage targeted content to email. By having an evolving website, you provide the right message, to the right person, at the right time.



The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on October 21, 2014

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