Should you be outsourcing your digital marketing?

Should you be outsourcing your digital marketing?


You may be a small staged early startup looking to get your feet wet in a world of existing players. Or, you’ve finally nailed your first investments, garnering interest and funds from an angel or VC. Or – its just time for you to focus on an area long neglected.

Its time to show the world what you can deliver, ideally quickly and effectively.

Your team most likely consists of amazingly talented individuals, driven to develop, produce and succeed in our shark infested world of talent; and playing where the players play is the key to make it or break it.

Sure – you can go ahead and hire your own Chief Digital Officer; hey, the big players are doing this, aren’t they? But this means you will be bringing on another terrifically talented individual, spread thin as yourself on completing strategic objectives that can likely be done better by a well meshed team.

Digital Marketing is a combination of multi-faceted talents. I know this first hand, as I myself, as an aspiring strategic marketer, encountered over incumbent challenges caused by a lack of necessary talent to complete the tasks at hand. While one person can be a superstar at strategy and implementation, part of that implementation will also require some kick ass graphics, some out of this world content writing, and many additional needs, and an individual can only accomplish so much. Shame, isn’t it?

So, will you now be hiring a multi-faceted Marketing team comprised of these talents to bring your company to market recognition? How much time, energy, and resources can you put into establishing your products to market hype, recognition, and sales?

Step in Digital Marketing Agencies. Time to bring in the pros who will expertly help you make it happen. You know why? Because we know what we’re doing. Because we’ve done it countless times for others just like you. We understand your need, and know how to bring you the solution and drive your business needs.

Penguin Strategies is comprised of a team of super talented individuals. Each of us bringing our core strengths to the table, working together to build for you what one person cannot possibly accomplish alone.

We can help you launch your digital marketing plans, be it content, blogs, social media, or PPC and SEO optimization. It’s a digital age, and digital marketing matters now more than ever. Heck, we can even quickly and painlessly redesign your website so it inspires.

Because the age of digital is moving faster than you can, we can make all the difference to your swimming with the sharks on this one.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you.

The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on February 12, 2014

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