I Hate Twitter...No Seriously.

I Hate Twitter...No Seriously.


I hate Twitter. No seriously. I never understood the need to publish every detail of my life in 140 characters or less. Who cares what I ate for lunch or about the terrible smell coming from the guy in front of me at the check out counter? It's never something that made sense to me.

But I'm a marketer. I (happily) make my living writing and posting new content, sharing tips, and retweeting other marketers. Seems like a disconnect. And it is. The fact is, I love to write and share my knowledge in this crazy B2B Digital World. Just so happens that Twitter, my nemesis, is another avenue for me to share some of this great information. That I have to squeeze it into 140 characters - bring it on! Just another challenge!

But in all seriousness - though I still have trouble wrapping my head around how Ellen Degeneres can tweet a pic at the Oscar's and crash the site because 2 million users immediately feel the need to share it with all their followers - Twitter does have it's uses and it definitely cannot be ignored!

How can I use Twitter for marketing?

Twitter is a great tool for getting and sharing brief updates about your favorite topics throughout the day. It's a way to keep on eye on industry trends or, more importantly, what your competitors are up to. Not sure which message will best reach your audience? Consider tweeting them to see what gets the best response rate. The short lifetime of a Twitter message makes it a natural avenue for A/B testing your marketing messages.

Especially in B2B, this microblogging platform helps give a human face to your company. You can engage your customers, encouraging them to use the platform to tweet questions, thoughts, and (hopefully) positive reviews.

The bottom line is, there is a ton you can do with Twitter. Even though I may not fully understand the younger generations pathological need to share their bowel movements, I do understand the importance of it in any social content marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for future posts where I'll discuss the best ways to incorporate Twitter into your marketing strategy and how to make it happen!

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The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on March 06, 2014

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