5 Classic Inbound Marketing Articles

5 Classic Inbound Marketing Articles
Inbound Marketing


For a change, I thought I’d spare you from having to read my tired old thoughts. In this post, I’ve decided to share some enlightening thoughts from others. Consider this an Inbound Marketing roundup.

Aside from the Inbound methodology, the common thread that unites these articles is the exploration of a nuanced and creative approach to the fundamental question – ‘How can I get noticed?’

Let’s get to it. Here are 5 awesome articles on Inbound Marketing:

1.  What The Heck Is Growth Hacking?

A straight shooting article if ever there was one, Mason Pelt hits his mark in answering this question that’s befuddled marketers for years. 

I don’t want to give away the ending, but it should suffice to say that growth hacking is more of an art than a science. That doesn’t mean it’s not testable though. Experimentation and testing lay at the heart growth hacking. Or, as Pelt put it – “Great growth hacking mixes psychology and technology.”

2.  3 Growth-Hacking Strategies to Help You Succeed with Your Next Product

Growth hackingNow that you know what growth hacking is, you can get down to the business of how growth hacking’s done. We owe thanks to Elena Prokopets for identifying and explaining these 3 great growth hacking strategies. So what are they? 
Obviously, you’ll still need to read the article, but I don’t mind telling you the names Prokopets gives to the highlighted strategies: ‘Embrace The Power of Social Media,’ ‘Find Good Partners,’ and ‘Build your email list from day 1 to retain and attract customers on a permanent basis.’ 

That’s all you’ll get from me. If you want to learn more, head on over to Huffington Post, The Blog.

3.  How Does Social Media Marketing Build Your Brand?

What can I say about Steve Hamm? This guy just gets it. Have you ever done something so much so often that your body and mind just go into auto-pilot and you completely forget the why of it all? I know I do. Thankfully, Hamm’s here to remind me.

One of his many awesome articles on Inbound, here Hamm neatly explains the philosophy of social media marketing - what it’s after, and how exactly it designs to achieve it. 

4.  Seven Ways to Humanize B2B Marketing

Awesome InboundThere’s no way around it, everything’s gone digital. If your B2B marketing hasn’t yet made the leap to social channels, you’re badly behind the curve.

One of the main marketing advantages to the internet over traditional media is that it allows people to communicate in a more casual and convenient way. It’s authentic and when it’s at its best, it’s personal.

It’s not supposed to be a commercial, it ought to be a conversation. 

This observation is not lost on Tom Pick, who provides some practical pointers on humanizing your B2B brand. His pointers span the gamut from tone to venue to techniques and tools. This article is a must-read for anyone with skin in the B2B game. 

5.  The Difference Between Lead Generation and Pipeline Marketing

After reading all those articles, I’m sure you’re a little pooped. Well boy do I have a treat for you. Sit back and relax, everyone loves a good infographic. 

Now that you've implemented your growth hacks and humanized your brand through social media, how will you handle all the prospects streaming in from your newfound Inbound prowess? Why hello there, pipeline marketing! 

Louis Foong expounds upon this infographic from bizible, to show how pipeline marketing takes lead gen to the next level. I’d say it’s a good read but I don’t want to scare you off. Have a look, it’s a good see!

With this arsenal of helpful marketing information at your disposal, you should make quick work of growing your social following and generating real-world business results. When you do, don’t forget about the little people who helped you along the way. 

Have you come across any awesome articles on Inbound Marketing that you want to see featured? Let me know in the comments.

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