HubSpot or WordPress - Which Is Better

HubSpot or WordPress - Which Is Better

Posted by Elena Zardo on May 24, 2018


Many companies and businesses that are attempting to take a vast majority of their marketing and discussions online will have to look for a way to keep everything uniform. As a vast majority of information and advertising can be done online, and consumers are slowly moving towards technological shopping and web-surfing, having the proper hosting site that can keep you up to date on how to work your way into the online content marketing ecosystem is a must.

WordPress vs HubSpot: Two Giants that Offer Value

Out of the many different B2B marketing agencies currently available to provide utilities to companies online, two stand out as quite proficient: WordPress and HubSpot. Both of these tools have been known to provide top-tier quality experiences, but have also had their fair share of generic online issues. Depending on the type of business you want to run, it may be more beneficial to choose one over the other, as they do not exactly provide the same utility as you might think.

What is it about WordPress?

The Good

WordPress is a simple website design console platform that allows you to create and modify the site as you please. You can choose from one of the standard cut-and-dry templates already available to use and fill in the blanks, or you are free to start your own from a more basic template.

From there, WordPress allows you to input each and every one of your own widgets, plug-ins, and personality, to create a unique website unlike any other. It can be as simple as a regular advertising board for different groups of products, or it can be used to create an online workplace for those that may not be close to the office.

The Bad

There are a few drawbacks to WordPress, though. Although it has quite a bit of freedom, it also lacks substance when it comes to informing users of what can and cannot be used. Since it is starting from the ground up, or from a simple template, almost everything has to be generated to fit your own needs.

If you do not know what you need, it can be difficult figuring out what needs to stay on your website, and what needs to go. The amount that can be stored on the website also varies depending on the amount you pay per month, meaning, if you want access to more of their utilities, you must be ready to pay for it.

Getting Onboard with HubSpot

The Good

HubSpot is your one-stop shop for just about anything relating to business. Instead of only giving you a possible template to use for a website, they hold every available resource to not only create the website or domain, but also to grow and advance the state of your business. These growth agents come in the form of Ebooks, classes, online tools, and even ad software that helps to increase traffic. Much of HubSpot is free, so you do not have to worry about not getting as much as the other person, as everyone has access to the same information and utilities.

The Bad

Although HubSpot has much to offer in terms of website creation, it is also its slight downfall. There is so much information and possible utilities that can be utilized, that it sometimes feels overwhelming to someone that is just starting to build their website and make their business flourish.  It can also be hard to pick at the specific utility that you want, as many of their products available all do relatively the same thing as the next one down the line. As such, it is a bit of the role of the die to decide which utility you want to follow.

So Which Helps Out B2B Tech Companies More?

Both WordPress and HubSpot are suitable advantages when it comes to creating and maintaining a website from the ground up. From providing the utilities and tools to making sure it is user-friendly for b2b tech companies, both can do the job adequately.

The largest difference is what else is offered. As WordPress mostly focuses on the specific details of the website, HubSpot also attempts to help with the actual marketing and guidance of incoming businesses. They do this by having guides for newer users, as well as simple kits for people to try out first. It is about singular function versus general safety, and HubSpot shines when it comes to this fight.

Rosa Lear, expounds on the benefits of HubSpot by outlining The Best HubSpot Features for Lead Generation in B2B Technology Companies.


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