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Social Media: Why your business needs it

Social Media: Why your business needs it

Posted by Nili M. Zaharony on Jul 05, 2013

Still not sure if your business should be adopting social media? Well, did you know that 64% of US adults are active on social media? And this number is only growing as each new year more and more college grads enter the work force.

I am an early adopter of social media. I was a junior in college when Facebook became popular and I remember rallying other students at my school to petition Facebook to let us in (it was still a closed network back in 2005). When my school was finally allowed in to the elite network, everyone ran to their computers to set up their profiles.

Since then, I have completed a second degree and entered the work force of marketeers. I still enjoy Facebook for personal use - arranging nights out with my friends, sharing pictures with my family across the globe, etc. - but it has come to be so much more than that. Facebook, along with Twitter, and LinkedIn, have become my source of news, of networking, of finding work and/or employees, and of learning about new products and apps via my connections recommendations.

So let's get back to the point. Why should your business invest in social media marketing? Quite simply, everyone is on it. But it's more than that. According to a survey performed in 2012, "59% of social media users say a company's social media activities make the company appear 'accessible and responsive.'" Additionally, 64% of social media users want to see companies use social media for customer service.

So why not give people what they want?

It may sound daunting to venture into the world of social media but it does not have to be. We crafted The Ultimate Social Media Guide for B2B Companies . Go ahead and check it out.

At Penguin Strategies, our team is chalked full of early adopters that understand how to take advantage of social media to bring your business the attention it deserves. Want to learn more? Contact us.

Nili M. Zaharony

Written by Nili M. Zaharony

CMO at Penguin Strategies. With extensive experience in B2B startups ranging from enterprise offerings, crowd-sourcing, and cloud analytics, her goal is to transform dry, complex, or technical material into valuable and marketable content.

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