How To Create the Perfect marketing Email for Your Campaign

How To Create the Perfect marketing Email for Your Campaign
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These days, people are bombarded with emails – whether personal, work or promotional. As interesting as those marketing emails may be, more often than not, those emails end up in the trash.

So, what is the “Perfect” marketing email? How do you create an email that people will open, engage with and click through? Well to start, delivering clear and accurate information while providing a functional email experience are two key characteristics.

Let's take a look at how to make the perfect marketing email.

rethink your Subject Line

Make your email subject line speak to your audience while offering them value. If you’re already spending the time to research and create an email, you don’t want to miss the opportunity with a failed subject line. Think about who you are targeting, what you are offering, and why you are targeting that to them.

  1. Use words such as; ‘alert’, ‘news’, or ‘bulletin’ as well as ‘daily’ or ‘monthly’ are great words for newsletters while words like ‘sale’, ‘new’, or ‘video’ can boost open rates for more promotional emails.
  2. Don’t ever repurpose subject lines! If you’re sending a reminder, change the subject line slightly to appear as new content. A great example, “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring,” offers value to your recipient that need to refill, in a playful way. Just adding the word “reminder” or “don’t forget” won’t capture or entice the recipient to reopen that email.
  3. Make sure your Subject Line corresponds with your content.

Now that you have their attention, stay on topic and clearly tell your audience what to expect and how it can benefit them. People process images faster than words and lose attention fast, so keep your content clear and concise.

increase engagement within your body text

  1. Use images that relate to your topic
  2. Adjust any lists into bullet points for quick reading
  3. Keep paragraphs short
  4. Include a Call to Action (CTA) to move the reader through

"66% of online consumers (US),
made a purchase as a result of marketing emails"

Now that the basics are covered, lets dig a littler deeper to see how to optimize, stand out and create the Perfect Marketing Email.

make your content viewable on all devices

Last April (2015) Apple introduced the Apple Watch, which introduced entirely new design parameters to the email layout. 89% of marketers lose leads because their emails aren’t optimized. It’s important to consider what devices your audience use, in order to provide them with the best experience. Some questions to ask yourself;

  1. How will the content fit on each screen?
  2. Will each device support the content?
  3. Is the content relevant for each device?

incorporate Interactive content 

A typical email can be interesting, but today people want more than that. Make your content thrilling, stimulating, surprising, and engaging to really capture the audience’s attention.

Remember when “video” was mentioned in the subject line? Adding interactive content such as a video, infographic, ebook, slideshares, quizzes and so on can boost the effectiveness of your email. Interactive content leaves thrilled and gives them the ability to return to, reuse, and even share. Video alone will boost your open rates by 5.6% and increase click through rates by almost 100%.

Personalize Everything

While turning your emails into live engaging dynamic content is memorable, personalized video content is a game changer.

Creating a dynamic video that can be automatically personalized based on your customer data allows your customers to get the experience of a video created just for them. Including their name, photo, or location in your marketing video adds that personal touch. For example, let your subscribers know when you come out with a new product, service, or template, encouraging them to try it out, now. Another example is when Dropbox created a reminder email with friendly cartoons reminding their users to return when they hadn’t used the website for a while.

Create your own design style

Assuming the content is interesting and helpful, a well thought out design draws that first attraction and lasting appeal. However, if the content is not helpful or interesting the design won’t take its place. To see better results, incorporate these features in your email design;

  1. Consistency in your company branding from your website to your social media to your emails will maintain a clear image of who you are
  2. Single column templates will ensure device optimization
  3. Keeping emails no wider that 600 pixels to ensure consistency and readability
  4. Colors, headings, and text sizes
Gabi Yanover

by Gabi Yanover on February 02, 2016

Gabi is the Director of Implementation Team at Penguin Strategies. She is passionate about yoga, traveling, and Marketing Tech solutions.