Can Content Marketing Increase Revenue?

Can Content Marketing Increase Revenue?
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Ever heard someone say that you need great content for your site and regular bits of new content to improve SEO? Is content really “king” if you want to reach out to your target audience via inbound marketing?

Business owners tend to have questions about their online marketing efforts. Why bother adding new content to the site if what is there already provides all the necessary information about the service or product? The question is not just the content that’s there, but if that content is new, fresh, and presented in a professional way.

Penguin Strategies CEO Perry Nalevka has tackled this question and shown how we’ve used content marketing to increase revenue for our clients. Perry address' a variety of issues including:

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • How to Develop a Customer-Focused Approach
  • You've Got Awesome Content, Now What?
  • Content Marketing: Who's Doing it Well?
  • Actionable Takeaways to Optimize Your Writing

In a special webinar entitled, “How Great Content Can Increase Your Revenue”, Perry addressed the all this and more.

Perry addressed business owners, content writers, and anyone else who wants to learn more about generating leads using content. Find out exactly what steps you need to take to create and distribute quality content that will lead to more interest and an increase in overall sales and income.

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About the Presenter

Perry Nalevka, co-founder of Penguin Strategies, provides clients with services from his rich background in biz dev, product marketing and development. Perry has held executive and senior consulting positions with leading technology companies, helping them with their go-to-market strategies across the enterprise, mobile, cloud, and telecom verticals.


The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on May 14, 2014

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