15 Fun Facts About Penguin Strategies & Perry Nalevka

15 Fun Facts About Penguin Strategies & Perry Nalevka
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A few weeks ago Andre Dymski from Inbound Agency Journey interviewed our very own Perry Nalevka. In this interview you’ll learn more about Perry, Penguin Strategies, and our Inbound Marketing processes.


 Just in case you don’t want to listen to the interview, here are 15 fun facts for you to enjoy:


1. Penguin Strategies Is One Of The Fastest Growing Hubspot Partners Of All Time

Once Perry decided that joining HubSpot was right move for Penguin Strategies, it only took 10 months for them to hit the Platnum partner status.


In the beginning, Penguin was just Perry. But with the help of his partners, they were able to achieve this memorable milestone in a short period of time.


2. The Company’s Name Is From Animal Love

Many people have wondered where the name came from. CMO and co-founder Nili Molvin Zaharony loves Penguins. It’s as simple as that!



3. Penguin Is The Largest Hubspot Partner Agency In Israel

In many countries HubSpot has a company who represents them in order to create a strong presence worldwide. In Israel, it’s Penguin Strategies. Pretty cool, right?


4. Penguin Strategies Is Only 2 Years Old

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great.”


5. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day but Penguin Strategies Nearly Was

After Perry and Nili Molvin decided to join forces, they got a huge opportunity to pitch their business idea.


In a very short period of time they came up with the Company’s name, created a website, printed business cards, and solidified their business idea.




With a few sleepless nights, Penguin Strategies was created.


6. Perry’s A Saas Guru:

Perry comes from a background in SaaS, and over the years has worked in many telecommunications and software startups. 


7. Perry’s Entrepreneurial Journey Started with Solo Consulting

After working at 6-7 different software and hi-tech companies, Perry decided that he had the necessary experience to start his own businesses.


8. Penguin Is Taking Over the World. Muahahaha!

Penguin has a large presence in more than one country. With its homebase in Israel, they have many representatives across the United States. 




9. Penguin Wasn’t Always An Inbound Marketing Agency

Perry and Nili started the agency because they realized there was a need for the marketing and sales service among startup companies in Israel. 


Their clients weren’t specialized in one specific niche, and they only adopted an Inbound Marketing strategy later on.


10. Thanks To A Client, Penguin Started Using Hubspot

A new client Penguin started working with had one condition: they needed to use HubSpot. Once Perry and the team started learning more about HubSpot, they didn’t need much convincing.


11. Penguin Strategies Went From 10 To 3 Clients In A Few Days

After Perry decided to move over to HubSpot and adopt the Inbound Marketing methodology, it completely transformed the company. During this transition only 3/10 customers stayed with Penguin, agreeing to join the inbound journey.




12. Word of Mouth Was Penguin’s #1 Secret Weapon

Nili and Perry had a lot of experience and connections in the world of telecommunications.

With their idea for a marketing agency in tow, they began reaching out to their contacts and spreading the word on the hottest new shop in town.


13. The Penguin Staff Has Grown More Than 3 Times In 2 Years

In only 2 years, the Penguin team has grown from 5 to 18 employees!


14. One Piece Of Advice To Younger Perry

Go with HubSpot from the beginning! A main part of Penguin’s success was their eye-opening initial encounter with HubSpot and Inbound Marketing.


15. Perry's General Tips

Provide an awesome service - Good service will create a positive environment for employees and customers.




Get HubSpot to notice you- If you want HubSpot to invest in you, don’t be bashful! Email them and tell them why you’re important. If you have something special, go out and say it!


Delight clients by:

  • Empowerment - Give employees decision making power. Perry said that he strives to make each of his account managers feel as if they are the CEO of the client.
  • Lead by example - It’s easier said than done. Treat your people the way you want them to treat clients.

Now that you're a master of Penguin history, don't be shy to reach out to us!


The Penguin Team

by The Penguin Team on December 17, 2015

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