Content Assistant, A Marketer's Best Friend?

Content Assistant, A Marketer's Best Friend?
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So at first, I was going to have this blog written entirely by HubSpot's AI Content Assistant. But then I read it and I thought better that I don't waste anybody's time parroting what is already out there.

I asked Content Assistant to summarize its own blog and she said, "HubSpot's AI-powered sales tools automate tasks, prioritize leads, and provide insights into sales performance and customer behavior. Sales teams can work more efficiently to build stronger customer relationships, leading to increased revenue and business growth." If you are only looking for this type of boilerplate info about Content Assistan, Google can help. 😘

So instead, I spent some time using Content Assistant (let's call her CAT) and wanted to share my experience. First I will give a short review of the new AI features (feel free to skip) and then we will get going.

(Free Tip: if you don't yet have access to ChatSpot, follow Dharmesh on LinkedIn, the other day he posted that if you sign up before midnight, he would let you in, maybe he'll do it again)

What are HubSpot's new AI Features?


This is ChatGPT embedded to HubSpot. With chat-based commands, HubSpot users can get things done quicker, just make sure to be specific at this stage, there is still work to be do.

Dharmesh has put out some pretty awesome videos about ChatSpot, so I won't waste your time.

Content Assistant 

The Content Assistant tool allows for seamless toggling between AI and manual content creation, making it easier than ever to generate copy for everything from blog posts to marketing emails. In fact, it is doing the heavy lifting for this blog. It's not very modest and talks a lot about itself so I have needed to rein it in from time to time...

Some examples of how you can use the Content Assistant all you need to do is ask and Content Assistant will provide:

  • Blog ideas

  • Blog outlines

  • Written paragraphs

  • Any kind of email (prospecting, sales, marketing, etc)

  • Recommendations to improve text and change the tone of voice

So what can we do with these tools?

TBH, right now it is all so early stage that we are only scratching the surface of what will be possible in even just a month from now. But for those of you with access, here goes.

CAT writes a blog

Naturally, there are a million ways to write a blog with AI, here's what I did (I took some creative liberties).

Me: "CAT, let's generate some specific blog ideas about how AI is changing industries." My goal was to get specific topics and not blah-blah.

CAT: "Yes sir, one moment please. Here are some ideas

1. "Transforming Industries: 5 Real-World Use Cases for AI Revolution"

2. "The Future is Here: 5 Ways AI is Changing the Game for Businesses"

3. "AI Revolution: How Machine Learning is Reshaping Our World"

4. "The Power of AI: 5 Ways it's Revolutionizing Our Daily Lives"

5. "From Healthcare to Finance: 5 Exciting Use Cases for AI Technology""

Me: "Wow, thanks CAT. My favorite is #5. Can you write an outline for me?"

CAT: "I live to please:

I. Introduction

- AI technology is transforming various industries, including healthcare and finance. In this blog post, we'll explore 5 exciting use cases for AI in these sectors.

II. Healthcare

A. Improving Diagnostics and Treatment

- AI-powered diagnostic tools

- Personalized treatment plans based on patient data

B. Enhancing Patient Experience

- Virtual nursing assistants

- Chatbots for patient queries

III. Finance

A. Fraud Detection and Prevention

- AI algorithms for detecting fraud patterns

- Real-time fraud prevention measures

B. Trading and Investment

- AI-powered investment tools

- Automated trading systems

IV. AI and Healthcare: A Case Study

A. Overview of the Case Study

- A real-life example of AI in healthcare

- The impact of AI on patient outcomes

B. Lessons Learned

- Key takeaways from the case study

- Future implications of AI in healthcare

V. AI and Finance: A Case Study

A. Overview of the Case Study

- A real-life example of AI in finance

- The impact of AI on trading and investment

B. Lessons Learned

- Key takeaways from the case study

- Future implications of AI in finance

VI. Conclusion

- AI technology holds immense potential for transforming various industries, including healthcare and finance. As we continue to explore the possibilities of AI, it's important to remain mindful of the ethical implications and ensure that the technology is used for the greater good."

Me: "CAT that is a really nice outline, but can you actually find me a real case study?" The suspicion crept into my voice.

CAT: ....

AI is great and I am super excited to use it as the base for blogs, websites and more. It will do most of the heavy lifting for pages that review existing content. But it can't create original content... yet!

It's like I tell my clients, your database is only as good as the data you put in. AI won't win any Pulitzers for original content. However, creating a pillar page about Marketing Automation? Who knows...

CAT writes a sales email

Perry did this already on LinkedIn, so in the spirit of cutting corners....


So I decided to take a landing page and see what CAT could do. I thought this was a good place to plug our biweekly HubSpot Hacks with Mark so let's test on that.

Inside the landing page on the backend, I didn't even put a prompt, just chose 'generate paragraph.' These are the 2 options I got - short and long.


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Not bad for less than 3 seconds don't you think?

chatspot can you make an image for this blog?

I asked ChatSpot to contribute an image and she did give some options, but she told me: "Sorry, I understand what you're asking, but I'm not able to do that yet."

I can't wait until you can, ChatSpot!

hubspot AI content assistanthubspot AI content assistant-2hubspot AI content assistant-1


I'm just going to reiterate here. I think today's AI is amazing but it is only the beginning and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.



Yoni Grysman

by Yoni Grysman on March 15, 2023

Yoni is our Director of AI marketing solutions and senior marketing strategist. He is certified by the AI Marketing Institute and as a HubSpot trainer. Yoni helps companies adopt generative AI tools in their tech stack and works with AI generated content to produce the ultimate assets in record time. Yoni runs marketing strategy for clients from various industries, including automotive tech, cybersecurity, finance and more. Yoni’s not-so-secret marketing secret? Everything in marketing comes down to goals and audience. If you don’t know who you’re talking to and what you want to achieve, you’re shooting in the dark.