7 AI Tools That Will Make You A Smarter Marketer

7 AI Tools That Will Make You A Smarter Marketer
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All we see on marketers' Linkedin’s is AI. ‘How AI will replace marketers’,’ how AI can’t replace humans, ‘how AI is changing the world as we know it today’, etc.

Here’s Why AI Can’t Replace Marketers 

People enjoy AI daily through Alexa & Siri answering questions, Netflix predicting the next movie, Apple unlocking iPhones by scanning faces, and so on.

Notice how all of those examples still require human interaction?

AI can’t be original. It’s always learning and pulling information from somewhere… Whatever amazing copy or image an AI tool can create for you, it can (and will) create the same exact thing for your competitor.

“There’s nothing unique or remarkable about AI regurgitating what the internet already knows,”

- Peter Caputa, CEO of Databox, says in the B2B Startup Podcast.


In addition to the creativity & uniqueness that AI lacks, it is also very limited. A person's natural sense of curiosity and creativity can not be replicated by any type of software. When someone’s doing the research before writing a blog, the extra and extensive knowledge they get while researching helps them get a better understanding of the topic. As opposed to the 1-2 responses that AI can get from limited resources. As a result, AI can be very misleading with the wrong information if the prompt given to the AI tool is not precise enough.

AI is here to augment human behavior, to improve productivity and efficiency in businesses, but not to replace them. 


How will AI Affect the Future of Marketers?

AI continues to have significant breakthroughs in 3 key areas that affect every marketer:

  • Understanding and generating language
  • Analyzing and producing images and videos
  • Predicting outcomes and human behavior


As marketers, we’ve seen a lot of noise on Linkedin around ChatGPT. If you’re unfamiliar with it, ChatGPT is an AI tool capable of generating human-like text. It has a wide range of applications, including language translation and modeling, generating text for applications such as chatbots, and it’s most well-known amongst marketers for creating copy for emails, social media posts, and even blog posts!


3 Tips for prompting ChatGPT

  1. Be specific: The more specific your question or prompt, the better the response you're likely to get. 
  2. Ask open-ended questions: Try to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no." Instead, ask open-ended questions that encourage ChatGPT to provide more detailed responses.
  3. Use natural language: ChatGPT is designed to understand natural language, so try to phrase your questions and prompts in a way that feels natural to you.
  4. Provide context: If your question or prompt is related to a specific topic or situation, provide some context to help ChatGPT understand what you're asking.
  5. Use proper spelling and grammar: While ChatGPT is designed to understand natural language, it's still important to use proper spelling and grammar to help it understand your questions and prompts more accurately.


7 ai tools prompt


Social posts:

chatgpt  social post example

chatgpt social post blog


AI Writer generates accurate, relevant & quality content in 2 minutes! When I tested the platform it took 5 minutes to write 500 words, plus it has an SEO editor. I used AI Writer to write 4 different blogs for me, click to see my results:

  • Presentation About Various Ai Content Writing Tools
  • Why Should I Use AIwriter For B2B Tech Blogs

Each of these blogs written by AI Writer includes the sources of the text written, a 94-96% estimation of the uniqueness of the text, and a legal notice refraining from the responsibility of stealing the intellectual property of the blog.



Jasper.ai is a content generator that creates original content 10X faster; captions for posts, ads, video scripts, emails, and even artistic images. It even has a chrome extension.





Reply.io helps you create 100% human-like emails in seconds so you can focus on personalizing and nurturing your email contacts. 

The Reply.io AI algorithms can analyze customer data and personalize emails based on their preferences and behavior. Then you can adjust your messaging and content to improve email engagement. 




There's more competition than ever for attention in email inboxes. Seventh Sense is an email delivery optimization tool that optimizes and personalizes email delivery times for each individual in your database, to increase engagement and better results for sales and marketing emails.




Surfer SEO is a Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue. It uses smart algorithms to help you quickly find the best content opportunities, and write compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines.



Grammarly is an AI-powered, writing assistant tool that helps people write with confidence by providing real-time feedback on their writing, on every device and any platform. It will suggest fixing grammar & spelling mistakes, as well as the style & tone of writing.

Your sales and marketing teams will be more productive and efficient as AI continues to progress, but there’s a reason it’s not replacing their jobs. AI is meant to augment human intelligence, not replace it. 

Which AI tools are you using?

Yoni Grysman

by Yoni Grysman on March 02, 2023

Yoni is our Director of AI marketing solutions and senior marketing strategist. He is certified by the AI Marketing Institute and as a HubSpot trainer. Yoni helps companies adopt generative AI tools in their tech stack and works with AI generated content to produce the ultimate assets in record time. Yoni runs marketing strategy for clients from various industries, including automotive tech, cybersecurity, finance and more. Yoni’s not-so-secret marketing secret? Everything in marketing comes down to goals and audience. If you don’t know who you’re talking to and what you want to achieve, you’re shooting in the dark.