The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem [Infographic]

The Current Content Marketing Ecosystem [Infographic]
Content Marketing

During your childhood, you learned about ecosystems and how all the organisms within the ecosystem work together to keep it functioning. A simple example of this would be the sun shines down on the fertile ground and helps plants grow. The plants feed and house bugs and birds. The birds eat the bugs that are harming the plants, and once the bird digests the insects, their droppings then fertilize the ground. Everything works together to create this functioning ecosystem, much like the way content functions.

Look around on the internet at all the content. Every piece of content that is attracting viewers focuses on its own thing,
but in one way or another, it links to other content. In a way, this content is a functioning ecosystem — a content ecosystem. Just like a natural ecosystem, the content ecosystem depends on its surroundings to thrive. This is why your content is so valuable, and 84 percent of professionals expect content to become even more important. You can’t sit back, spend less than $5,000 a year on content marketing, and expect your content ecosystem to flourish. 

If you want a strong content ecosystem, you have to monitor it, grow it, and change with your consumers. But you can only do that if you understand all the organisms within your ecosystem. You have to know what agencies, company employees, and freelancers all think and do. It is a big job; however, if you read on, you will find an excellent summary of the current content ecosystem and learn about the direction in which it is heading.



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by Guest Post from CopyPress on February 09, 2017