2 New Ways to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

2 New Ways to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

Engagement, it’s what we crave, right? 

Do tell, how many likes under your latest LinkedIn post make you smile? 

10? 50? 500? 

LinkedIn’s new “My Company” tab can help you boost engagement by leveraging your company’s greatest and most trusted advocates: employees.


But that’s not all it can do. 

Connecting Employees

In an era when working remotely is the norm, the new My Company tab provides companies with a trusted, employee-only space where coworkers can stay connected to each other. 

The My Company tab allows LinkedIn members who are part of your company to:

  • Easily view and share each other’s posts
  • Engage with each other’s posts
  • Celebrate each other’s milestones, promotions, and work anniversaries
  • Welcome new employees
  • Find coworker connections. 

“Find” is too strong a word as LinkedIn simply displays a list of suggestions for new coworker connections. This is especially useful for employees working remotely and in faraway cities. It provides another platform for them to stay connected and feel part of a team. 

See More Posts 

This feature enables employees to see more of each other’s posts. That is helpful because we all know you can’t rely on LinkedIn’s ever-changing algorithm to show all the relevant posts from coworkers.

According to LinkedIn, employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from coworkers as opposed to non-coworkers. Don’t you feel compelled to like, share, or even better, comment, on a coworker’s post? 

Notify Employees

Another often-overlooked engagement-inspiring feature is Notify Employees. After creating and publishing a new post, you can select the button Notify Employees. This will send them a notification on their desktop and mobile in their Notifications. Some rules apply though: 

  1. You can only use this feature once every 24 hours. (This is a good spam filter!) 
  2. Your company must have at least 2 associated employees. 
  3. This won’t work with targeted posts

Of course, you can use both features together—My Company tab and Notify Employees—to generate more engagement. It could be that using the combination of both of these features allowed us to achieve this impressive milestone multiple times in April 2021:

Improving engagement is a never-ending and constantly evolving battle, and the more tools you can use, the better your chances of hitting the coveted high numbers. 

Ira Somers

by Ira Somers on April 14, 2021

Senior Content Creator and published author