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When is it time to audit your Salesforce implementation?


When your operations change

in terms of onboarding, sales, marketing,
customer success


When you hire more people

inbound and outbound activities

When you ramp up

your inbound and outbound activities

What happens if you don’t

take the time to fix the little problems in your CRM configuration?

  • The little problems grow into big problems and messed-up data
  • Scaling business means accounting for new way of doing things. Not adapting Salesforce to these ways means a break in communication, the wrong information presented, lost opportunities or bad opportunities accelerated

Your Salesforce instance will be completely reviewed and audited. This will include verifying:

  • Records and Objects are correctly set up.
  • Datatypes are correct for the information being stored.
  • The current Salesforce instance meets the current and immediate future needs of the business.
  • The Salesforce instance is set up with best practices.
  • The Salesforce instance is fundamentally correct to make sure future work in expanding and integrating the platform can be performed smoothly and easily.

You will receive a full report

of your Salesforce instance that will provide you with a rundown of all the information discovered in the audit, along with recommendations on:

  • Changes that should be made to the records and objects.
  • Any data types that should be adjusted so the information is stored correctly.
  • Any changes that should be made to the Salesforce framework, so it fits within best practices, which would allow for much easier changes in the future.
  • A complete breakdown of what changes are urgent and should be made on an immediate basis and what changes are beneficial but can be made at a later date.

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Penguin specializes

Penguin specializes in removing friction from Sales & Marketing operations.


We’re a 360° marketing agency, with world class expertise in Salesforce and HubSpot implementations.

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