Meet our team

Perry Nalevka


Our Fearless Leader

  • Started his career as a programmer.
  • Traveled 29,650 KM in a single week.
  • Loves to camp, hike and go to the beach (sometimes all at the same time).
  • Part of the team that brought baseball to Israel.


Chief Technical Officer and Head of RevOps

The Fixer

  • Once skydived and bungee jumped within one afternoon in New Zealand.
  • Can drink my own body weight in coffee.

Shoham Eckhaus

chief strategist and CMO

The Growth Hacker

  • Strategist, Marketer, Product Manager and Analyst.
  • Believes in the potential of all people to be kind.
  • Starts each morning with Yoga and a big smile :-)

Helen Nolan

Chief People Officer

Character Scanner

  • Loves Scandi Noir.
  • Lives to Eat! Proud owner of over 500 cookery books.
  • Marathon and Insanity participant! Got the T-shirts!

Dudi Berger

Chief Financial Officer

Efficiency Ninja

  • Loves to Mountain Bike
  • Doing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine
  • Committed vegan

Ayelet Zak

HR Specialist

Master Juggler

  • Hebrew language fan (Literature, double meaning crosswords, etymology).
  • Loves vintage furniture makeover projects.
  • Once bungee Jumped in Nepal- 160M, 3rd highest in the world.

Griffin LaFleur

Director and Strategist

A marketing swiss army knife

  • Explores creativity through food
  • Snow is his favorite "season"
  • No one has seen him and Batman in the same room before. Just saying....

Rosane Gruberger

Design Team Lead/UX Specialist

Fica tranquilo

  • Identifies any rock music in the first 3 sec
  • Once was a pinball machine champion
  • Owns a coffee taster certificate

Ricki Ben Dahan



  • Rode the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster (and is dying to ride it again)
  • Once ran off a cliff while attached to a parachute
  • Never says no to coffee

Maya Gil-Bar



  • Remembers lyrics for too many songs (even if she heard it 15 years ago)
  • Pizza is her everything.
  • Once took the train to Berlin instead of Amsterdam.

Ryan Lucarelli


  • Is from the pizza capital of the world
  • Cornhole champion
  • Once played in a Grateful Dead cover band

Rimon Pushinsky

Digital Graphic Designer

Puts the cute in execute

  • Marvel Comics enthusiast, Excelsior!
  • Loves Autumn, Chocolate and Cake decorating
  • Has an incredible memory for incredibly unimportant things

Yoni Grysman

Director, Inbound Marketing

Marketing Maestro

  • Successfully proven his head can get stuck in a see-saw
  • Freezer stuffing extraordinaire
  • Maple syrup flows in his veins

Gabriella Yanover

Director, Technical Marketing Implementation

The ultimate team player

  • Played soccer in a Tide commercial (when she was 10)
  • Home Improvement Enthusiast
  • Fitness Fanatic

Dani Paz

Marketing Automation Specialist

Get's the job done. Everytime

  • Professional soccer player in Israel
  • Pizza enthusiast
  • Plays piano by ear

Yuval Ginzberg

Marketing Project Manager/Account Manager

Creative Soul

  • Followed his passion and transitioned from an Engineer to a Marketer.
  • In cooking (inside his head or in the kitchen) - can make a soup out of a stone.
  • A man of words and of his word.

Ira Somers

Senior Content Creator

  • Wrote Pocket Guide for Young Men Without Fathers
  • Breakdances at (select) weddings
  • Visits hospital the day after said weddings

Kellyn Lee

Senior Digital Marketing and Content Specialist

Content Connoisseur

  • A big fan of the oxford comma
  • Taught middle school English in Paris, France
  • Footware of choice is a pair of Crocs, ideally on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean

Kelsey Meiklejohn

Project/Account Manager

Inbound Marketing Enthusiast

  • Loves everything the mountains have to offer, skiing, hiking, camping
  • TraveledFlower Connoisseur
  • Loves to camp, hike and go to the beach (sometimes all at the same time).
  • Champion Mom

Simone Gampel

Senior Marketing Project Manager/Account Manager

Making the Magic Happen

  • Thrives on coffee and chocolate
  • Once worked in the United Nations
  • Wrote the slogan for a chocolate brand at the age of 12

Margaret Long

Marketing Project Manager

Lifelong Learner

  • Award winning needlepointer
  • Pearls are a must
  • My happy place is on the beach in South Jersey

Shayna Roth

Project Manager/Account Manager

Always up for a challenge

  • Prone to dancing whenever there's a good beat
  • Loves deep sea fishing at the crack of dawn
  • Have recently discovered my inner Monet!

Guy Polat

Junior Project Manager/Account Manager

Avid learner

  • Was Advisor and Speechwriter to former Minister of Culture and Sports
  • Runs a website about women and underrepresented folks through history
  • Podcast addict

Danielle Vigoda

Junior Marketing Automation Specialist

Automatic Systematic Hydromatic Specialist

  • Disney is her passion, knows the movie Mulan by heart
  • Lives, breathes and sleeps sushi
  • Has a fantastic memory for things no one should remember (like Mulan)

Saar Kasdai

Junior Marketing Automation Specialist

Making Marketing Automation work for you

  • Crossed Africa in five months
  • Pastries enthusiast
  • A day without running is a wasted day

Yiz Segall

Marketing Account/Project Manager

Engineer at heart

  • I'm a compulsive problem solver
  • I still read Asterix & Obelix. Definitely Aged Well. You should try it
  • Insatiably curious. Will sometimes break things to figure it out how it works

Sharon Warttig

Marketing Project/Account Manager

Marketing Maven and Your Greatest Ally

  • Nature lover, fitness enthusiast, and lover of all sports
  • Raced junior dragsters most of her childhood
  • Loves places she has never been and people she has never met

Sarah Levi

Content Writer

Constantly Curious

  • Usually reading several books at the same time
  • Golden Girls superfan
  • Dreams of visiting Antarctica

Rina Boxer

Digital Marketing Specialist

Driven Doer

  • Sees arts and aesthetics as the icing on the cake of life
  • Obsessed with proverbs and sayings, and loves her big fat book on the topic
  • Proudly counts her siblings amongst her best friends

Trevor Heyman

Marketing Automation Specialist

Definitely not a robot

  • Can tell you exactly what a tarantula tastes like
  • Living with Tsundoku
  • Amateur powerlifter in training

Lital Erez

Finance & Admin Support Manager

Fun, innovating & Team elevator

  • Skydived 10 times
  • Music is my aeroplane
  • In a New York state of mind