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Meet our team

Perry Nalevka


Our Fearless Leader

  • Started his career as a programmer
  • Traveled 29,650 KM in a single week
  • Loves to camp, hike and go to the beach (sometimes all at the same time)
  • Part of the team that brought baseball to Israel



The Fixer

  • Once skydived and bungee jumped within one afternoon in New Zealand
  • Can drink my own body weight in coffee

Shoham Eckhaus

chief strategist and CMO

The Growth Hacker

  • Strategist, Marketer, Product Manager and Analyst
  • Believes in the potential of all people to be kind
  • Starts each morning with Yoga and a big smile :-)

Helen Nolan

Chief People Officer

Character Scanner

  • Loves Scandi Noir.
  • Lives to Eat! Proud owner of over 500 cookery books.
  • Marathon and Insanity participant! Got the T-shirts!

David Yahid

Director of Business Development and Innovation

People Person driven by Tech

  • Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador
  • Has flown a plane
  • Lived in TA, Paris, LA & NY


Ayelet Zak

Operations Manager

Master Juggler

  • Hebrew language fan (Literature, double meaning crosswords, etymology)
  • Loves vintage furniture makeover projects
  • Once bungee Jumped in Nepal- 160M, 3rd highest in the world

Yael Ayalon


Coffee addict and sarcasm specialist

  • A Caffeine-dependent life-form
  • Life motto: Always give your 100 percent ...unless you’re donating blood
  • Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize my voice is worse than my problem

Victoria Fox

Senior Marketing Consultant

Data Advocate

  • Always on the lookout for a great mini golf course, bowling alley, and anywhere fun to spend time with family and friends
  • When it is warm I go "down the shore" from the beginning of May to the end of Septemeber
  • I am an award winning actor

Annette Snow

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fitness Fanatic

  • Dual citizen (US and Israel)
  • Professional basketball player
  • Started my own fitness program called Sweat With Snow

Rosane Gruberger


Fica tranquilo

  • Identifies any rock music in the first 3 sec
  • Once was a pinball machine champion
  • Owns a coffee taster certificate

Ricki Ben Dahan



  • Rode the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster (and is dying to ride it again)
  • Once ran off a cliff while attached to a parachute
  • Never says no to coffee

Maya Gil-Bar



  • Remembers lyrics for too many songs (even if she heard it 15 years ago)
  • Pizza is her everything.
  • Once took the train to Berlin instead of Amsterdam.

Ryan Lucarelli


  • Is from the pizza capital of the world
  • Cornhole champion
  • Once played in a Grateful Dead cover band

Rimon Pushinsky

Digital Graphic Designer

Puts the cute in execute

  • Marvel Comics enthusiast, Excelsior!
  • Loves Autumn, Chocolate and Cake decorating
  • Has an incredible memory for incredibly unimportant things

Yoni Grysman

Senior Marketing Consultant

Marketing Maestro

  • Successfully proven his head can get stuck in a see-saw
  • Freezer stuffing extraordinaire
  • Maple syrup flows in his veins

Gabriella Yanover

Technical Marketing Implementation Team Leader

The ultimate team player

  • Played soccer in a Tide commercial (when she was 10)
  • Home Improvement Enthusiast
  • Fitness Fanatic

Dani Paz

Account Manager

Get's the job done. Everytime

  • Professional soccer player in Israel
  • Pizza enthusiast
  • Plays piano by ear

Yoav Golub

Senior Marketing Consultant

End to End Marketing Ninja

  • Has a huge Fantasy book library which is uploaded weekly to his Instagram
  • Hiked across Israel for two months
  • His proudest possession is a Lightsaber

Leora Pudell

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Content Virtuoso

  • Obsessed with travel and planning trips for friends
  • Loves baking but hates cooking
  • Watches commercials for fun

Shaked Afek

Senior Technical Marketing Coordinator

  • Survived six years in Ben Gurion University
  • Gluten free, dairy free by choice
  • Always up for a 10K run

Megan Jacquier

Account Manager

Champion Collaborator

  • Enjoys a good Steven King thriller
  • Won her 5th-grade hula hooping contest
  • Master baker & chocolate chip cookie connoisseur

Tovi Vider

Marketing Coordinator Team Leader

Mad spreadsheet skills

  • Works out to 90s Hip Hop
  • Sings like a bird - specifically like Scuttle from The Little Mermaid
  • Can fold a fitted sheet

Daniel Stroh

Senior Marketing Specialist

Fear the Beard

  • His favorite animal is a penguin's best friend, the walrus
  • Once failed at going to a movie alone
  • Eats peanut butter plain, like a true American

Rebecca Steinberg Herson


B2B Marketer

  • Doesn't drink caffeinated beverages but eats at least a square a day of dark chocolate
  • Has led tours in two different countries
  • Plays in a Mamanet league (aka catchball)