SalesForce DC Implementation and Support

Decades of Experience!

Controlling the pipeline – sales development and account executives will have a strong ground to engage with clients. Together we will design the ideal lead to cash opportunity process while sticking to industry best practices to ensure flexibility and scale.

Sales teams need guidance while working on opportunities and surely an easy platform to work on! Our RevOps engineers will fit the right opportunity path for you and wrap it with sales enablement tools that can help you drive more opportunities.

Our deep experience will help you unlock a pipeline dashboard that helps identify bottlenecks, opportunity progress and top performers.

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Our end to end solution involves sales
engagement and data enrichment tools like:

  • LinkedIn Integration
  • LeadIQ / Zoominfo
  • Salesloft / Outreach

LinkedIn Integration

View prospects information, find icebreakers an engage right from salesforce


LeadIQ / Zoominfo

You would be amazed to see how easy it is to enrich leads and bring more useful data into Salesforce


Salesloft / Outreach

Sales enablement tools today have perfect integration to salesforce and we have designed a methodology that makes everything click together



With Micha's professional team, we were able to establish a strong ground that helped us capture marketing qualified leads with Pardot and assign them to the right Rep in Salesforce which apparently picked it up and closed the deal in 48 hours! Usually leads used to fade or wait in line for days. 

Elliot Atlas, Chief Technology Officer,


Micha and Maor's team did a great job of understanding our needs and pain points with our former CRM platform. We had a working document throughout the project that enabled them and us, the client, to effectively communicate product related requirements and possible solutions. Lines of communication were always open and the project was completed within the timeframe and budget that was initially proposed.

Elie Konigsberg, Director Sales Operations,



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